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    The Side Stories of Standard Carrier Shoukaku

    Hi all, I'm Destination and this is my first post to Himeuta. Lately, I've been quite hung up about writing for Kancolle, despite not watching the anime nor playing the game. I guess it's just a way to channel ideas about naval combat and creative writing into something that everyone can enjoy.

    As part of an ongoing fanfiction I am currently writing, The Side Stories Of Standard Carrier Shoukaku is mostly events that happen before or in the background of the main fanfiction, The Five Stories Of Standard Carrier Shoukaku.

    Without further ado, here is the first part of the first side-story. I guess you could call it... Testing the waters.

    The Battle Of Boxing Day

    "Abyssal ship sighted! It's a Re-class battleship!" Yukikaze called over comms. "Extreme range, heading 0-9-0! Orders, Admiral?"

    Checking the multitude of charts and sketched courses, Admiral Seiji grabbed the comms and dialed the group's frequency. "Lazarus, the enemy has been sighted. It is still on course, and assuming we are out of detection range, it will circle the uninhabited island SO-4, and reach the far side about twenty minutes at half-speed. Go to battle stations, I repeat, go to battle stations."

    Six pairs of ears received and acknowledged the orders. After a full week of scouting and doing nothing, the destroyers had become impatient. Metal on metal rasped as Kagerō loaded her torpedo tubes and Shiranui donned her signature white gloves. Sitting up straight in their seats, Zuikaku and Shoukaku exchanged glances as they checked their longbows and coaxed their planes to make ready.

    The group of four destroyers and two carriers sailed in a loose formation - Yukikaze in front and Amtsukaze at the rear, with Kagerō and Shiranui escorting Shoukaku and Zuikaku in the centre of formation. Normally, the two carriers would be sailing on their own, but today they were both on deck of a small, steel-grey ship, just a few metres longer than a recreational boat. If not for the battle-scarred armour plating at its waterline and cabin, or the scratched paint to which there were insufficient funds to repair, the "ship" could have been called a pleasure craft.

    Although Battle Group Lazarus was no stranger to running escort, today they were assigned a new mission: search and destroy. The seas this side of Okinawa were mostly calm and far removed from the blockade, but brass had specifically ordered them here to get rid of the thorny Abyssal battleship here that was regularly disrupting a shipping route. Intelligence reports referred to it very simply as the "Re-class battleship," but as Seiji double-checked his numbers and fidgeted with his pen, the red dot representing the enemy's last known position had a single character written down next to it: "Rei."

    Seiji could already hear the droning propaganda in his ears: "Name the enemy, a traitor you name yourself," and so on, but if the last few weeks of studies had taught him, their enemy was one that commanded her own respect. Patrol boats had been outright sunk and several shipments rerouted just to give this one little battleship a wide berth. Past experience with Re-class battleships had shown that they were more than capable of severely damaging, even sinking shipgirls sent to stop her.

    It was only natural that if they were going to give this being the right of way, then she had earned her name no matter how strong their grudges againt her might be. Of course, if they could sink her today, then there would be no need to deal with this naming business.

    "Akashi, mines check."

    Mines were not part of the standard complement the Kagerō-class destroyers were outfitted with, but not their carrier ship, the blandly named Unit One. It was the reason Battle Group Lazarus could operate at sea for weeks and be resupplied, rearmed, and rest at night - and at the centre of it all was Repair Ship Akashi, juggling the impossible tasks of repairing, resupplying, and fighting alongside six shipgirls at sea. Though she might move about freely on Unit One, she was always ready to go - and she had for the last three nights laid a network of sea mines under the cover of darkness. Akashi was pulling lots of extra work, and the darkening circles under her eyes served to underline the fact.

    "Mines are good to go, Admiral!" she said.

    "Yukikaze reports that Rei is continuing on her course!" the comms crackled. "I will protect the fleet!"

    "Steady, Yukikaze, steady," Seiji said. "Shoukaku. Would you please launch a reconnaissance fairy?"

    "Understood, Admiral!" Drawing an arrow and notching it, Shoukaku gracefully launched a sky-blue plane at a low angle. Within seconds, Seiji watched a screen as information from the recon fairy streamed back to Unit One, decrypted swiftly, and resolved itself into meaningful data and numbers.

    Everything indicated that Rei was completely unaware of their presence. Out of detection range, out of weapons range, and certainly no other Abyssal ships had been sighted, or Kagerō and Shiranui would have alerted him. Even as Seiji stared at the blinking green dot that indicated Rei's heading and speed, he could not shake off the feelings of unease.

    "Orders, Admiral?" Zuikaku asked. Seiji glanced at the sister shipgirls on deck, at Akashi ordering one of the engineers to replace a radio set, and back at the comms set, where four other shipgirls were ready and waiting to be unleashed upon their enemy. But his gut feelings said otherwise...

    Their enemy was in the perfect position to spring their trap. Their morale was still high. All preparations had been done. Seiji had to weigh their chances of success against never getting an opportunity this good. In the end, his choice was...

    He picked up the comms set and clicked the button. "Battle Group Lazarus," he said slowly and deliberately, "Commence the attack. I repeat, commence the attack. All ships three-quarters speed bearing 0-4-5, towards the near side of uninhabited island SO-4. As soon as the enemy ship is out of visual range, arm the mines, Akashi."

    "Yes sir!" Seven shipgirls answered together as one.


    Let me know what you thought of it!

    Copypasta Chef 1st Class. Read my work.

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    "Yes sir!" Seven shipgirls answered together as one.

    The five ships in formation accelerated, each shipgirl keeping a low profile in the water by bending their knees. The weight of seventy-two torpedoes, two squadrons of bombers and fighters, and food and fuel for seven shipgirls made Unit One sit low in the water as well, but her profile risked detection by Abyssal submarine forces. They had to do this quickly and get out, because the longer they stayed, the greater a target Unit One made herself - and as far as their antisubmarine measures went, they had more luck throwing rocks into the water. Seiji did not want to look for fights he was not prepared for.

    Bit by bit, the distinctive profile of the Re-class battleship disappeared past the treeline of island SO-4. “Lazarus, take positions and hold steady. Currents are coming from behind us, so keep your engines on and don’t run aground. Akashi, prime mine launchers One through Six and give me control.”

    “Priming,” Akashi muttered as she punched a series of buttons on console she had built. “Admiral has control.” A red knob lit up in front of Seiji.

    “And now, we wait.” According to his observations, Rei would take another 2 more minutes before she rounded the island and would be heading straight into the field.

    The hot sun beat down on the group, and everyone was sweating soon enough, but with the enemy nearby, not even the loud-mouthed Amatsukaze made a complaint. There was too much risk that they might be overheard, or their comms could be intercepted. Two minutes quickly elapsed, but the Abyssal battleship still did not appear.

    Seiji chewed on his lip and struggled to contain the tremor in his hand. The roles did not feel like they had completely reversed - what if they had been detected, if the Re-class battleship was presently laying her own trap? Could he live with the decisions he made today with the lives of seven shipgirls and five crew members in his hands?

    The comms crackled to life, making Seiji flinch. “Yukikaze reports! The enemy has been sighted!” she whispered. “About damn time,” Seiji said. “Zuikaku! Launch your bomber squadron!”

    Already notching an arrow and drawing her Japanese bow, Zuikaku struck an imposing figure as she launched the first of seven torpedo bombers. “Squadron launched!” she reported.

    “All ships, three-quarters speed, bearing 1-3-5! Load torpedoes and AP rounds. Force her into the minefield! Adopt Arrowhead formation!” Seiji ordered.

    Unit One lagged behind as the four destroyers accelerated into a wide ‘V’ shape, creating waves that crashed against the hull of Seiji’s dimunitive ship. In the distance, the blob that was their quarry began to grow larger. The muted pop pop pop sounds of anti-aircraft fire was plain to everyone on deck.

    “Admiral, is it my turn yet? The enemy is within torpedo range!” Kagerou asked. Seiji hesitated. At mid- to extreme range, the Rei-class battleship would certainly catch a few torpedoes - but his greater concern was whether it would drive the ship to a course heading out of the field. The arrangement of the mines was not random, but concentrated a little more in the center, where he was hoping that it would cross in approximately thirty seconds. “Negative, Kagerou, Shiranui,” he said, “Hold your fire.”

    Seiji flipped up the clear plastic cover and the red knob blinked once. He eyed the readout from Shoukaku’s recon fairy - though the enemy battleship had changed her course by 3 degrees, it was still about to pass into the eye of the unborn storm; the dot blinked once, twice, thrice… And it was in position. “Here we go,” he muttered coolly, and twisted the knob. It made a satisfying ‘click’ as it turned from red to green, and-

    BOOM! The core cluster of mines detonated, vaporising tonnes of water beneath the hapless enemy ship, and turned calm waters into a frothy, churning, furious maelstrom mixed with still-hot gasses. The Abyssal ship briefly disappeared below from radar, physics dictating that it sink in the low-density waters. Then four torpedoes dropped by Zuikaku’s squadron, armed with proximity fuses, found their marks and detonated too, throwing up a beautiful geyser of steam, smoke, and fire from secondary explosions. As Lazarus drew nearer and more detail could be made out, the flames were tinged blue - the telltale sign of a collapsing Abyssal ship’s shields and damage to their armaments. Shields that made them nigh-impervious to bullets, shells, and flames, but were downed by shipgirl-to-shipgirl weaponry in several hits.

    As the destroyers of Battle Group Lazarus encircled their foe and Unit One cut power to its engines, Seiji methodically cracked his knuckles to hide the tremors in them. If they could pull this off, history was going to be made for sure! A live Abyssal ship taken into custody, and they could learn more about their foe!

    The Re-class battleship was now clearly visible. Knee-deep in the water and emitting copious amounts of smoke from her damaged engines, she stared daggers at her captors and the approaching Unit One. Dents and scratches in her armour and clothes, as well as the telltale waft of smoke from the DD’s guns, hinted at a short and decisive shootout. Shiranui in particular looked like she would freeze the battleship out of force of will alone. Walking up to the front of Unit One as it slowed to a stop, Seiji considered the sight before him, and wondered what exactly was he supposed to say. Stalling for time, he glanced at Amatsukaze and Shiranui: “Unload your APs and load all your guns with high explosive. Use of deadly force has been authorised.” Technically, it was dangerous to him as well, but the HEs would probably sink the shield-less Abyssal shipgirl faster than Unit One.

    “Enemy of humanity,” he said, “You are to be taken in as a prisoner of war. Disarm your remaining equipment peacefully and we will not harm you further. Refuse to comply, however, and we will be bringing whatever’s left of you.”

    “Fools.” The Re-class battleship growled. “You are but a contemptible destroyer of the puddles you call your ‘seas.’ You are so unwise to attack us directly.“

    “And you fail to take your current situation into account,” Seiji said. “You are damaged, outnumbered, and overpowered. The only options you have are the ones we are graciously giving you. Amatsukaze, Yukikaze - take her onboard. Akashi, the restraint, please.”

    “Rei’s” eyes flared blue and she hissed as the two destroyers moved closer and grabbed her arms, dragging her towards the built-in stairs of Unit One. Akashi brought out a heavy iron collar with a small suite of electronics on it. A restraining device, she called it, that would effectively disable any shipgirl that it was placed on. As she handed Seiji the collar, Rei’s eyes grew wide with recognition - then she burst into laughter.

    Puzzled, Amatsukaze rapped their captive sharply with her gun barrel. “Oi. You find this funny? How about two shells in that face of yours?”

    “No, no, it’s just…” she replied, “How ironic. Coincidental. Did you ever hear the tragedy of… Never mind.“

    Choosing to ignore its peculiar remarks, Seiji closed the collar around the captured shipgirl’s neck. A magnetic clamp activated and it locked itself securely. “Right then,” he said, “Escort the prisoner to the brig in the meantime, and-”

    “Admiral!” Shoukaku cried, “Enemy aircraft on radar and closing fast! They’re bombers! Recon fairy reports a massive fleet heading for us too!”

    Seiji’s blood ran cold. “Get moving!” he barked at a crew member. “Amatsukaze! Belay that, guard the prisoner on deck! Lazarus, move!

    Alarms screeched as Unit One’s engines rumbled to life. The fearsome drone of Abyssal bombers were almost upon them as Shiranui and Kagerou kicked up geysers, racing away from Unit One to spread themselves over a larger area. Seiji turned to face the three other shipgirls on deck. “You three, get into the water. We stand a better chance spread out than huddled together!”

    They needed no telling twice. Shoukaku and Zuikaku hurried down the wet stairs - a tiny flight of steps that led from deck to the waterline - while Yukikaze opted to simply hop over the low guardrail and dive directly into the sea. The five shipgirls scattered just as Akashi took control of comms:

    “The first wave of bombers are about to hit! All hands brace!” she screamed.

    Seiji dived for the cover of the cabin, scraping his chin on the hard floor. He raised his hands to cover his neck-

    SPLASH splash splash BOOM!
    The entire ship shuddered as a bomb hit, burrowed belowdecks, and detonated. Of course they’d be targeted, Seiji cursed inwardly. They were the easiest target by far to hit compared to five fleeing shipgirls on the water, it was a miracle that more bombs hadn’t hit. “Damage report!” he shouted, and coughed as he inhaled acrid smoke. A door from the decks below opened and a man stumbled out, frantically smothering his smouldering overalls. “There’s a fire, Admiral!” he reported, “Main magazine is intact, but not for much longer!”

    “Get the extinguishers moving now! Do not let the fire spread!” Seiji shouted over the wailing fire alarm. “Amatsukaze! Status- oh.”

    Said destroyer was on the deck, fainted from the shock of the bomb’s impact mere metres away from her. Her chest rose and fell, so at least she was not too badly damaged. But nearby, the captive Rei was gloating at the scenes of destruction, her eyes glowing with suppressed mirth.

    “How does it feel?” she rasped, her voice carrying over the sounds of antiaircraft fire and a wave of fighters launched by Shoukaku. “Come on, human, put up a little fight! Such a bitter struggle. Your end is determinate… And it is carrying a gun. Lots of guns.“

    The Re-class battleship looked to the left, and following her line of sight, Seiji felt his heart drop into his stomach. In the distance, the blue-and-black dots of an Abyssal fleet was closing in. Trails of sea foam led from behind the island, on the opposite side of where they had been hiding just a awhile earlier. So he had been correct, to his bitter disappointment - the Abyssals had laid their own trap by springing his wide open.

    “This.. This is not over!” he gritted his teeth, “We will complete our mission by all means necessary! Some losses are acceptable,” he tightened his grip on the unconscious Amatsukaze. But his voice sounded hollow and the Abyssal vessel knew it. She laughed, and it sounded human - if recorded on ancient magnetic tape, played backwards, and with horrible feedback. She laughed and leered at Admiral Seiji with equal parts hate and arrogance.

    “The Code is not for the likes of you,” she said cryptically again. “Your destruction is Its will and we are Its instruments. Your losses will be final, your losses will be- urk

    Twang! A bow was strung and released next to him, the arrow flew straight and true, and buried itself into the enemy's chest, right where a human heart would be. Flushed red in anger, Shoukaku's battle dress was still dripping seawater as she sheathed her bow and turned to Seiji: "Admiral, are you alright?" she asked.

    "I'm alright," Seiji snapped back to reality, and grunted as he lifted Amatsukaze. "Can't leave anyone exposed with all the bombers around. Is that all your fighters in the air?"

    Shoukaku nodded. "Yes, Admiral. Zuikaku launched hers as well and is collecting her own bombers. But Admiral, the enemy fleet... They're coming fast!"

    "Admiral!" The coxswain of Unit One approached. "The ship is beginning to flood. The combined weight of four shipgirls will make it worse. We can take the injured, but..." he glanced at Shoukaku, and back at Seiji.

    "I understand," Seiji said, raising a hand to cut off Shoukaku before she could reply. "But we need you to do your best. We must bring back the captured enemy at all costs. I'm counting on you!" The coxswain's brow twitched, but an enemy plane chose to make a bombing run at that very instant. "Incoming!" Akashi shrieked, prompting both men to duck.

    Shoukaku, however, remained calm and drew her bow. "I will protect the fleet," she muttered under her breath. As the drone of the bomber grew louder, she notched a single light arrow, specifically to take down aircraft, drew her bow to its maximum draw- and fired. The resulting boom! was proof of the skill and prowess she had honed for years in training. Bits of shattered aircraft peppered the deck and dinged off her armour, but she had saved them.

    For now.


    Last edited by Destination; 06-26-2017 at 07:01 AM. Reason: missed some paragraphs at the end of this part
    Copypasta Chef 1st Class. Read my work.

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    The Side Stories of Standard Carrier Shoukaku

    Looks like a killer auction. Might be sensory overload for me

    Men's power - I recommend



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