Guidelines for the Kancolle Help & Support Forum section.

With this new forum section instead of megathreads like Newbie Question thread we aim to give users more independent responses to their problems and also make it possible to search for information in already existing threads with a similar topic. These guidelines are here to help provide a general idea of how the threads and answers in this forum section should look like.

Also we want to once again promote the reputation system and encourage you to use it. If you're uncertain on either how to use it or what it's about please refer to this thread

  • This forum focuses on Kancolle gameplay for general maps only, event related questions belong into the respective threads in Event Central Command. Off-topic posts are not welcomed and will be deleted; use the PM system or the KC Discussion section for any non-relevant discussion.

  • Please include your question in the title of a new thread; it should be clear and distinct in order to specify what topic you're seeking advice for. The thread itself should include enough detailed information in the form of screenshots, lists and similar means so members can answer adequately.

  • Limit yourself to one question or topic per thread to keep them orderly. This includes the OP who mustn't add a new question about a different topic in an existing thread; instead create a new one to seek advice for that matter.

  • Do not necro post in threads that haven't been answered for 7 days.

  • Search for information in the forum before creating a new topic.

  • Refrain from using colouring, fonts or styling of any kind in the Help & Support section. This ensures that each post is legible and easily accessible even across different forum themes. Also keep your posts presentable by using spoiler tags if necessary to minimize images and large lists.

  • No one is always right. Please respect the opinions of other users. Also please keep in mind that not everyone has the same options in regards to ships and equipment available when you provide help.

These aforementioned guidelines are subject to change at any time without notification.